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Keith Pray and Ray Vega headlined a performance at the Van Dyck on 3/29/13
Boogie Down 2.0-1459Boogie Down 2.0-1461Boogie Down 2.0-1466Boogie Down 2.0-1472Boogie Down 2.0-1488Boogie Down 2.0-1493Boogie Down 2.0-1534Boogie Down 2.0-1600Boogie Down 2.0-1603Boogie Down 2.0-1631Boogie Down 2.0-1635Boogie Down 2.0-1668Boogie Down 2.0-1696Boogie Down 2.0-1700Boogie Down 2.0-1707Boogie Down 2.0-1731Boogie Down 2.0-1738Boogie Down 2.0-1750Boogie Down 2.0-1755Boogie Down 2.0-1764