Great website! Absolutely love the pictures!
Wren and Bob(non-registered)
Congratulations on your Website! Wishing you the best.
Ian Cattell(non-registered)
Re: Stick Men @ The Linda
Thanks for the pics and the write up in It was a great opportunity to share the stage with Stick Men and I'm glad there was a pro there to document it all.
Tinsley Ellis(non-registered)
Please email me
Raymond Helfrich(non-registered)
Hi Rudy,

Great job, with your coverage of the Ed Palermo Big Band show, at The Falcon, on August 1, 2015! Thank you for sharing!
Susan Shaw(non-registered)
Rudy, Loved your photos of the Funky Meters show in Albany! I'm happy that I get to see some of what you see through your beautiful photos.
Fred Barreau(non-registered)
It's great to see more of your work. You are truly an artist. I haven't seen Chick Corea since he performed at the chapel at Union. It was at the chapel, wasn't it?
Wow! It's been 39 years!
اس ام اس جدید(non-registered)
Your talent, your passion for the arts, and your many hours of dedication to them are so evident in this site. Great job!
Amy Phillips(non-registered)
Beautiful photography, Rudy! I really enjoyed looking through your galleries!
Joe Barna(non-registered)
You are one of my life's hero's Rudy...Don't ever compromise
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